Just a nerdy, crafty couple making stuff we love.

Musicians. Artists. Gamers. Designers. Cute animal enthusiasts. Nerds. Pizza eaters. DIY fanatics.


Our relationship has always revolved around creativity. We first met each other while playing in bands in tiny dive bars in Southern California. Shortly after we first met we began playing in a band together and started dating shortly after. Eventually we moved in together, and found ourselves struggling to find things to decorate our apartment with. We both loved pop culture and nerdy things in general, but so many of the things we wanted to decorate our home with just didn't exist, were poorly designed, or were WAYYY out of our price range. So rather than waiting for someone to finally make the Moogle throw pillow of our dreams, we decided to just make it instead.

This idea carried us through to one of the best days of our lives, our wedding on May 28, 2016. We had always done our DIY projects on a smaller scale, but we knew that for our wedding to really feel like ours we were going to have to take to the next level. And we did! We created the most elaborate wedding invitation we could think of, over 500 paper flowers, ring boxes, cake toppers, pretty much everything we could think of all by hand! Couple all our DIY projects with vintage arcade games, an In-N-Out catering truck, a BB-8 disco ball, Totoro cake toppers, and a super great playlist curated by yours truly. It really felt like OUR wedding, and it was perfect!

After the dust settled from that day -because let's face it weddings are SUPER stressful no matter what anyone says- we looked at each other and thought, "Yeah, we can totally do this!" Thus we began planning our the next big steps in our life. Moving to Sacramento, and opening an online business.

So now here we are, diving head first into another creative adventure together!

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